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Emder Schiffsausrüstungs AG

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Traditional and innovative Emder Schiffsausrüstung trains – together with their holdings – successfully in the following fields:

  • Wholesale/Import-Export (m/f)
  • Office management (m/f)
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Industrial textile fabricator – tarpaulin maker (m/f)

Wholesale/Import-Export (m/f)

Excerpt of training program:

  • World-wide purchasing of goods of all kinds from manufacturer or supplier
  • Sale of all kinds of goods to the trades, industrial and, private customers
  • Supply services to the offshore-industry and shipping lines
  • Cost-efficient inventory management and smooth flow of goods
  • Monitoring the supply chain, checking on goods received as well as inventory levels, ordering goods and scheduling deliveries
  • Organizing catering and food management

Office management (m/f)

Excerpt of training program:

  • Organize, plan and execute office activities
  • Introduction to bookkeeping (e.g. data entry, managing checking accounts, balance sheet accounts and p/l accounts)
  • Daily communication with customers, suppliers and coworkers
  • Understanding the workflow of order processing and invoice processing
  • Register, manage and check material inventory
  • Learn to work independently in project groups

Warehouse logistics

Excerpt of training program:

  • Tell products apart by their properties and intended use
  • Check goods for quantity and quality, enter entry data and create error protocols
  • Make sure shipping documents are correct and complete while observing customs and hazmat regulations
  • Observe standards, measures, quantity units and weight units
  • Proper unloading and storing
  • Commissioning of goods
  • Scheduling loading equipment and transport modes

Industrial textile fabricator – tarpaulin maker (m/f)

Excerpt of training program:

  • Manufacture and mount tarps, covers, tents and awnings
  • Sail repair
  • Processing wire ropes
  • Work with rigging
  • Sewing, welding and glueing
  • Maintenance of life vests and work safety equipment

More detailed information regarding our training programs you will find in our Ausbildungsbroschüre.

For more information, please contact our human resources department.

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