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Overview of products and services

An overview of our products and services

Industrial safety, professional clothing & personal safety equipment

Work protection from head to toe Work protection is a big issue in Germany. Since the first half of the… [ more]

Lifting and lashing gear

Lifting, securing, transporting …using products from Emder Schiffsausrüstung AG On land at sea or in the air: Wherever loads need… [ more]

Construction tools and machines

Construction tools and machines The Emder Schiffsausrüstung will supply everything you might need for your construction projects. We offer an… [ more]

Paints and varnishes

Paints and varnishes We are a specialist supplier and listed competence center of the International brand, leading supplier of yacht… [ more]

Welding technology

Welding technology No compromises when it comes to safety and quality We offer you dependable and high quality products concerning… [ more]

Customized solutions

Customized solutions Do you need something special? Food, non-food or products manufactured in-house – we will always find the right… [ more]

Products for emergencies and rescue at sea

Emergency and rescue products We want you to be safe at all times … Safety at sea – the goal… [ more]

Plant equipment

Plant equipment How you design your warehousing and office facilities forms the basis for an unrestricted work place. Our products… [ more]

Hospitality and restaurant supplies

Hospitality and restaurant supplies Spoil your guests with quality … We offer an extensive range of equipment/devices for the needs… [ more]

Bonded stores

Bonded Stores We offer a number of luxury foods and tobacco in addition to every day food stuffs . We… [ more]

Sail making and rigging

Sailmaking and rigging Customized solutions for you! Aside from being a supplier for products of all kinds we also have… [ more]

Fire protection

Fire protection Effective fire protection preserves lives and property A fire can happen anywhere – no matter how careful and… [ more]

Maintenance and testing

Maintenance & Testing For your safety… In addition to offering sea rescue systems we also offer the respective maintenance. We… [ more]

Office materials

Your well organized office – prerequisite for working efficiently At sea or on land – whether desk, printer or just… [ more]

Technical wholesale

Technical wholesale Knowing what matters … Everything from one source – including competent advice and fitting service. We keep more… [ more]

Ship’s equipment

Ship chandler Optimally supplied and equipped. Serving the shipping industry for a good one hundred years. The perfect products for… [ more]

Air compressor technology and repair

Compressor technology & repair Our extensive pneumatic product range includes a number of products relating to compressed air generation, maintenance… [ more]

Tools and machines

Tools & Machines Precision and quality… Emder Schiffsausrüstungs AG offers an extensive line of high quality tools and machines from… [ more]

Cleaning materials

Cleaning products Professional cleaning…efficient, ergonomic and ecological Cleanliness these days is an important issue for all of us, not only… [ more]

Catering and food management

Catering & Food Management The good feeling of knowing your crew is well taken care of … As a special… [ more]

Water sports and boat accessories

Water sports & Boat accessories Enjoying the Water sports experience … Beginner, advanced or, professional of the water sports: we… [ more]

Logistics services

Logistics services Competence knows no borders… On land, at sea or, in the air …we will find the fastest way… [ more]

Ship stores management

Ship Stores Management Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. The advantages of our catering program (food management) are now available to you for… [ more]

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance We support you with your import and export transactions and will take care not only of the entire… [ more]

Digital Solutions

We don’t just talk about it – we live it. Together with our licensed Microsoft®-partner we offer for instance customized… [ more]


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