Emder Schiffsausrüstungs AG
Emder Schiffsausrüstungs AG
Emder Schiffsausrüstungs AG

Worldwide delivery

We are here for you 24/7.

Competence knows no borders – our know-how concentrated in the fields of shipping, renewable energies and off-shore oil and gas lets you turn to Emder Schiffsausrüstung as a systems supplier for all your needs.

Modern logistics and a wealth of experience guide our specialists in branch offices, central warehouses and agencies worldwide.

So we achieve the fastest delivery at all times.

On land, at sea or, in the air …we will find the fastest way if you need us!


Emder Schiffsausrüstungs AG
Zu den Hafenbecken 7-9
26723 Emden

T +49 4921 8009-0
F +49 4921 8009-10


+49 4921 8009-0

Stadtwerke Emden: 100% nachhaltig versorgt