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      Emder Käptn’s Shop moves full steam ahead

      Emder Schiffsausrüstungs AG

      “Heave away” was the motto for the new flagship store of the Emder Schiffsausrüstung on March 5, 2016.


      (source of image: Zeitungsgruppe Ostfriesland).

      After substantial renovation work the former warehouse shop of the “Emder Käptn’s Shop” has been converted to an inviting store with a product range unique in East Frisia: Not only conventional boat accessories such as paint, antifouling, tackle, electronics, cleaning and maintenance but also personal safety devices, ropes, outdoor and maritime binoculars are on offer. Charts, maritime literature and gifts are available as well as accessories and brand name weatherproof and leisure wear.

      Competent advice from our knowledgeable customer service people is available to answer any questions about our maritime product range. “We have always put a strong value on custom-tailored consultation for our clientel” emphasizes Matthias Reiter, ME, sales manager (vice president of sales) at Emder Schiffsausrüstung. This was much appreciated by the numerous visitors going through the products on sale during the re-opening day. ”Customer response was tremendous” says a pleased Reiter.

      The partners of the “Emder Käptn’s Shop” are well known manufacturers and suppliers such as Secumar (life vests) , International (paints), Yachticon (care), Sprenger (accessories), Weathertec (technology), Gleistein (ropes), Marinepool (clothing), Steiner (binoculars) and Paul Hewitt, (accessoires). Starting in May the clothing range will be complemented by the GAASTRA brand. As in the past custom-tailored boat covers and tarpaulins made by master fabricators are part of our product range.

      Another highlight: all catalogue articles of mail order company SVB in Bremen are available directly through the shop. Hours are Monday through Thursday 7am to 5:30 pm and Friday 7am to 4:45 pm. During the season (probably starting April 2nd ) the shop will also be open Saturday mornings.

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