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      Inflatable rescue device by SECUMAR for sale now at Emder Käptn’s Shop.

      Belts and suspenders can be pretty reassuring – the safety device SECUMAR FREE with a true buoyancy of 110N does the same thing for swimmers and others wanting to be on the safe side. It is not a rare event that swimmers thinking they are safe suddenly encounter problems: a cramp for instance or, a loss of strength. Now comes the hour of the SECUMAR FREE 100. It is the new inflatable rescue device resembling a somewhat oversized belt when inactive. The floating device is folded tightly in a little pocket in a hip belt. Tests have shown that the belt is hardly noticeable during swimming. In case of an emergency the victim pulls the floating device from the pocket and up in front of the upper body and then directly over the head. The victim then manually activates a CO2 cartridge, the gas floods the floating device, creates buoyancy and stabilizes vest and victim.

      • inflatable safety device for swimmers, stand-up-paddlers and everybody involved in water sports at on or near the water
      • fully adequate inflatable rescue-vest floating device
      • rapidly activated in three steps
      • reusable – just replace CO2 cartridge after use
      • quick stabilization of victim and vest. Head and respiratory tract remain above water after release.
      • Conforms with standards DIN EN ISO 12402-5. (CE-mark) DIN EN ISO 12402-6.Low weight of only 500g

      Find more information at SECUMAR FREE 100

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